Minesto Picks Onshore Control Station Suppliers

Swedish marine energy developer Minesto has recently awarded contracts for the delivery of Onshore Control Station as part of its 500kW tidal power plant in form of a “flying” kite tethered to the sea bottom.

The 100kW Kite (Power generator) will be connected to the Faroe Islands Grid at 0,4kV (Point of connection).

The Onshore Control Station system is to be divided in three separate sub systems:

1. Converter System – converter equipment, 230V supply, energy meter and measuring devises.

2. MV System –2kV switch, earthing switch, transformer and measuring devises.

3. Control & UPS System – 230V supply, distribution of UPS power (to the Kite and other sensitive equipment such as MCCB control, relay protection and HMI), HMI and generator control system.

According to the company, Converter System will be delivered by the Danish manufacturer Danfoss, while the other two systems will be delivered by the Swedish company SevabConcept.

Financial details surrounding the deals have not been disclosed.