Minesto secures Deep Green commercialisation boost

Minesto has secured a SEK 5.8 million (approximately €572,600) grant from the Swedish Energy Agency for the ongoing commercialisation of its Deep Green technology.


The grant co-funds a project through which Minesto will develop a next-generation tether system that is set to optimise functionality and performance and allow for future scale-up of power plants to 3 MW and beyond with a serial production design.

The tether system connects Minesto’s marine energy power plants with the seabed foundation and is composed of the tether rope and cables for communication and power.

According to the Swedish company, it is a unique subsystem of the Deep Green technology with great impact on the levelised cost of energy.

As a core part of the Deep Green technology, further development of the tether system will also provide Minesto with opportunities to extend its IP protection through new patents.

“We know there is significant potential to enhance the tether system’s functionality and performance and reduce its complexity. This is related to areas such as hydrodynamic properties, dynamic loads, and electricity transmission with low losses,” said Bernt Erik Westre, Minesto CTO.

Earlier this month, Minesto introduced the Dragon Class range of power plants, an upgraded design of its Deep Green technology.

The company is in the procurement and manufacturing phase for five Dragon Class power plants for utility-scale 1.2 MW and smaller microgrid installations, which will be delivered and installed in Minesto’s current projects in France, Wales, and the Faroe Islands.

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