Minesto starts equipping smaller subsea kites

Minesto’s utility-scale DG500 unit (Photo: Minesto)

Swedish marine energy developer Minesto has started the procurement process for the equipment that will form its smaller, 100kW-rated, Deep Green tidal power units.

Namely, Minesto has launched a tender for the supply of bottom joint system for the DG100 machine – a smaller-scale autonomously operated Deep Green tidal energy system introduced by the company early in 2018 to expand the market outreach.

Minesto's utility-scale DG500 unit (Photo: Minesto)

The bottom joint functions as a locking mechanism which connects the power plant’s tether and the seabed foundation. The device is made up of two parts, where one part is integrated in the seabed foundation and the other to the tether.

According to the Swedish tidal developer, the bottom joint is articulated in two axis, which enables the kite to fly its full pattern while being safely linked to the foundation.

In this round of procurement, Minesto is looking to acquire two bottom joint systems, and potentially also one spare system, the tender states.

The deadline to apply to the tender, posted on the Welsh government’s procurement site Sell2Wales, has been set for January 25, while the contract is set to be awarded by March 1, 2019.

To remind, Minesto signed up its first customer for two DG100 tidal energy devices, planned for installation in Faroe Islands, an autonomous country of the Kingdom of Denmark formed by North Atlantic archipelago located approximately 300km north-northwest of Scotland.

Through the collaboration agreement with the main power utility on the islands, SEV, Minesto plans to install, commission and operate two grid-connected 100kW units, starting from late 2019.

Minesto recently completed the offshore commissioning and test program of DG500 tidal energy demonstration project in Holyhead Deep, North Wales, having achieved electricity generation and verified the control system of its utility-scale Deep Green tidal technology at utility scale.

The sea trials on Minesto’s 500kW machine culminated in the verification of the functionality of the Deep Green technology, and successfully flying full subsea operational trajectories.