Mitsubishi Presents Its Engine at SMM 2012 (Germany)

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Mitsubishi Presents Its Engine at SMM 2012 (Germany)

Mitsubishi is presenting its S16R2-T2MPTAW engine at the SMM 2012 in Hamburg. The engine, which was designed and built in Japan, received the latest IM02 certification, and delivers among the longest stroke and highest displacement available in its class.

With a piston stroke of 20mm and 79.9L displacement, it is a challenging competitor achieving high power and fuel efficiency. In fact, its bore, stroke and engine speed are the same as Mitsubishi’s longtime bestseller, the S6R2.

Mitsubishi offers marine engines which are compact in design, providing advantages in both installation and maintenance.

The engine’s cylinder heads are individually divided by cylinder, and large inspection covers are available on the crankcase and the oil pan.

Its original Mitsubishi fuel injection pump and turbocharger bring superb combustion matching, and a hydraulic or electronic governor is available to provide optimum control of the engine in your application.

The engine is suitable for Tugboats, Offshore and Cargo Vessels.


Press Release, September 06, 2012; Image: Navingo

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