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Mixed results for Shelf Drilling rig fleet

Offshore drilling contractor Shelf Drilling has revealed a mixed bag of results for its jack-up rig fleet with several of its rigs starting new contracts, some of the rigs getting extensions, and some terminations.

According to the rig owner’s latest fleet status report, the Shelf Drilling Enterprise jack-up rig, previously known as Maersk Completer, completed its contract preparation & rig acceptance for Chevron Thailand and started the contract in January 2021.

The rig’s contract with Chevron is scheduled to end in July 2022.

The High Island IV rig returned early to operations for Saudi Aramco in January 2021 from up to the 12-month suspension. The suspension had started in July 2020 and the rig eturned to operations in January 2021. The contract is scheduled to end in August 2030.

The jack-up rig Main Pass IV completed planned OOS and, following a suspension through December 2020, it returned to operations for Saudi Aramco in January 2021. The contract will run until March 2025.

The Shelf Drilling Tenacious jack-up started its contract with Masirah Oil in Oman in December 2020. Masirah subsequently exercised several optional wells and the contract is now expected to run until April 2021.

Following a suspension in October 2020, the Trident 16 rig returned to operations for Petrobel Egypt in November 2020 and the contract was subsequently extended until April 2021.

The Parameswara rig started a contract with Adani India in December 2020. The contract was subsequently extended until May 2021 through option exercise.

The Shelf Drilling Resourceful rig is expected to start a one-year contract with an undisclosed operator in West Africa before the end of the first quarter of 2021. The rig previously completed its contract with Unitech Nigeria in December 2020.

As previously reported, Shelf Drilling early-termination notices for two jack-up rigs from ADNOC Drilling.

The High Island VII and Compact Driller both received early-termination notices from ADNOC Drilling and the contract end date was updated to August 2021 for both rigs.

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The Key Singapore rig received early-termination notice from Eni effective January 2021. Outstanding backlog has been transferred to the Key Manhattan contract, which is now scheduled to end in February 2022.

The Rig 141 rig completed its contract with Gempetco Egypt in February 2021.

Trident VIII completed contract with Unitech Nigeria in December 2020. The rig is now available.

Finally, the sale of Shelf Drilling Journey and delivery to ADNOC Drilling was completed in February 2021.