Mojo Maritime tests Mermaid

Mojo Maritime is testing its marine planning and risk optimisation tool called Mermaid prior to the planned launching at the end of October, 2015.

Mermaid (Marine Economic Risk Management Aid) is an innovative software solution which simulates marine operations against historical weather and tidal data to support cost-savings through project optimization.

According to Mojo Maritime, the software gives companies involved in marine operations a more detailed understanding of the impact of weather and tidal forces on a project’s schedule, enabling enhanced decision making in the early planning stages.

The system is currently undergoing detailed testing with a number of key clients, with a view to launching towards the end of October 2015.

The user acceptance testing phase is critical to ensure that the function, capability and usability of the software has been tested in real world situations, Mojo Maritime’s press release reads.

Richard Walker, Mojo’s Senior Analyst, said: “By calibrating accurate weather information dating back over many years, factoring in wave height, sea conditions, wind strength and current velocity and direction, Mermaid enables companies to select the best vessels, ports, methods and processes to suit any proposed project start date. This has massive cost-saving implications for a huge variety of marine operations from the offshore renewable market to the oil and gas industries, as well as the shipping and insurance world.”

Mojo Maritime specialises in project management, engineering and consultancy services for the marine renewable energy industry. In addition to the services to the marine renewable energy industry, Mojo Maritime develops a range of products geared towards reducing the inherent risks and costs of working offshore.

Take a look at the video featuring a more detailed explanation of the Mermaid software.

Image: Mojo Maritime/Illustration