Morlais tidal demo zone gears up marine ecology surveyors

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In support of the development of the Morlais tidal energy demonstration zone – Menter Môn, the manager of the project, hired Gloucester-based specialist Ocean Ecology to conduct a marine ecology survey at the site in North Wales.

As provider of range of marine ecological survey and consultancy services, Ocean Ecology was awarded the contract for submitting a winning bid to ‘undertake a sub-tidal and inter-tidal marine ecological survey in support of the Morlais Demonstration Zone tidal stream project’.

It was noted the data collection will be performed within the demonstration zone, associated buffer area, and inshore cable corridor off the Isle of Anglesey.

Morlais Demonstration Zone (Image: Morlais Energy)

The Morlais scheme is being set up to help accelerate the development and commercialization of multiple tidal stream technologies in the Morlais Demonstration Zone that will be situated in one of the designated Anglesey Enterprise Zone sites.

The Morlais Demonstration Zone has been backed with funding from the government institutions – including the latest support package in the amount of £4.5 million delivered in September 2017 for the site by the EU and Welsh government.

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