MORTIM: Waste Management Container to Be Presented at SMM, Hamburg

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MORTIM Waste Management Container to be Presented at SMM Hamburg

The Norwegian company DELITEK A/S, together with the German company MOE GmbH, has jointly developed a new containerized product which is in line with the new MARPOL Annex 5 / IMO MEPC 201 (62) regulations for waste handling on board vessels coming into force in January 2013.

“DELITEK is an internationally well-known player with regards to waste handling systems on board ships” says Morten Larsen, Director of Sales & Marketing at DELITEK. “Our challenge was to find a containerized concept that allows new and existing special vessels such as Decks Carrier, Offshore Installation Vessels, Platforms, Windmill Service vessels and others to comply with the rules.”

For existing vessels it is a common problem that no space inside the ship is available for waste handling or storage and a high number of people on board just increases the problem. Retrofit is difficult and expensive, as such vessels are often at sea and port visits can be very seldom. This means that barges have to go out to the ships to pick up and arrange disposal of the garbage. All in all an expensive solution, which can also disturb the work schedule of the ships.

The solution for this waste problem has been developed by DELITEK and MOE following close liaison between Morten Larsen and Tim Kutscher, the Managing Owner of MOE. MOE is the link to owners and provides direct feedback from this specialized market sector, allowing the Norwegian end to develop and produce exactly what the customer needs. The result is a containerized waste treatment system called MORTIM.

Depending on the amount of waste expected, MORTIM can be modular designed using containers of 20’ – 40’ size. Each MORTIM container houses the necessary machines such as high-performance compactors, shredders, glass crushers, oil filter and oil can crushers amongst others. Also, the waste segregation has been considered.

In the words of Morten Larsen “there are of course many options depending on the field and vessel requirements. However, in general they are completely insulated, refrigerated and equipped with appropriate electrics. The customers tell us their needs and MORTIM is built and delivered to meet their requirements. We want to give customers the opportunity to design their own modular MORTIM container, which includes equipment to treat, store and dispose to suit their own field. Last but not least the owner can always decide when and where his MORTIM container is on duty. There are already a number of interesting projects and it seems as if we are approaching the market at the right time to meet our customer’s needs.”

The first MORTIM container – a 20 foot version – will be presented at SMM 2012 in Hamburg.

Press Release, August 29, 2012


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