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EMEC showcases Europe’s pioneering ocean energy tech

(Photos: Colin Keldie; EMEC)

A delegation from the European Commission visited Orkney in Scotland back in June to get a taste of the pioneering ocean energy advancements taking place across the archipelago. Orkney’s Ocean Energy Day, part of EU Sustainable Energy Week, also included a public open day providing the local community with the opportunity to visit the European Marine Energy Centre’s (EMEC’s) onshore facilities and hear about the advancements taking place on their doorstep.

Atlantis redeploys third tidal turbine at MeyGen

(Photos by Atlantis Resources; Tim Cornelius)

The photos show the re-installation of a third tidal turbine for the Phase 1A of the MeyGen tidal stream project which took place at the end of August at an offshore site between Scotland’s northernmost coast and the island of Stroma.

Waves4Power connects off Norway

(Photograph courtesy of Waves4Power)

Swedish wave energy developer Waves4Power launched a connection hub for its WaveEL wave energy device deployed off the Norwegian coast.

In May, Waves4Power installed the connection hub and laid the cable to connect the device to the shore in an operation assisted by Olympic Shipping. The WaveEL wave energy device was subsequently connected and started exporting power to the Norwegian grid.

Minesto gets its wings

(Photos by Minesto)

Swedish tidal energy developer Minesto took delivery of the most distinguished part of its Deep Green ocean energy concept – the wing.

The wing was delivered to Minesto’s team in Holyhead, Wales, in August 2017 by truck from Southampton, where it has been manufactured by Green Marine.

The commercial-scale wing measures 12 meters between the wingtips and 3.3 meters across the center chord, called the wing depth.

Sabella wraps up cable fix

(Photos by Sabella)

Sabella replaced the offshore dry-mate connector of the export cable in the Fromveur Passage, off France, for its D10 tidal energy project.

The two-day operation was concluded on August 31, 2017, using a multi-purpose vessel Olympic Taurus, chartered by Mojo Maritime France, a James Fisher Marine Services company.

The D10 tidal turbine will be reinstalled in 2018.

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