Mott MacDonald, DHI Group Sign New Software Contract

Mott MacDonald has signed a new three-year contract with DHI Group for the use of MIKE Powered by DHI software.

The new licence and support and maintenance agreement will enhance the consultancy’s work on global port, coastal and offshore developments, enabling it to develop 2D and 3D hydrodynamic and coastal models.

MIKE Powered by DHI software provides maximum versatility and quality in coastal and marine modelling, Mott said in its release.

It enables the simulation of a range of flow phenomena, waves, sediment dynamics, dispersion phenomena and ecological systems, which helps companies such as Mott MacDonald to develop efficient, reliable and sustainable solutions.

The platform’s two main products, MIKE 21 for 2D modelling and MIKE 3 for 3D modelling, are used for coastal engineering and studies related to coastal developments, ports and harbors.

They are also frequently applied in many types of coastal environmental studies, such as within dredging dispersion and water quality studies. It also includes LITPACK, a specialized tool for studying littoral processes such as sediment transport on open coasts whose features are enhanced further through access to the new shoreline morphology model.

Mott MacDonald has used MIKE Powered by DHI software to analyse complex challenges and develop optimal design solutions on projects such as the Clacton and Holland-on-Sea and Southend-on-Sea coastal defense schemes, Deira Islands in Dubai and the Medway and Swale managed realignment.