MOVE project moves to sea

Illustration (Photo: Falmouth Harbour Commissioners)
Illustration (Photo: Falmouth Harbour Commissioners)

Sea trials have begun on two pilot vessels which will provide data for the Innovate UK funded project that aims to optimize the performance of vessels.

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners has supplied two vessels for the Monitoring for Operational Vessel Efficiency (MOVE) project, which will provide ‘real-time’ information from the vessels’ systems.

The MOVE project is developing and validating an easily-fitted system to measure and record the instantaneous power and torque outputs from the vessel’s engines, in conjunction with more standard monitored data including engine speed, vessel speed and heading, and fuel consumption.

Its aim is to produce a novel solution to tackle rising fuel costs, emissions regulation, and concerns about carbon emissions in the commercial work boat sector.

MOVE technology is expected to enable operators to optimize vessel performance by maximizing cost-effectiveness through improved selection of propulsion and generation systems. Additionally, it should enhance mission planning and enable better targeted maintenance.

Vessels servicing ‘green industries’ such as offshore wind farms and ocean energy installations, as well as those employed in other sectors, could benefit from the MOVE technology, according to Marine South East, one of the partners in the project.

In addition to Marine South East, six other partners are involved in the project, including Datum Electronics, Llodyd’s Register, and Gardline Geosurvey.