Moventas to supply gearboxes for Alstom’s Oceade

Moventas to supply gearboxes for Alstom’s Oceade

Moventas has been chosen to develop tidal turbines’ gearboxes that will be used by Alstom for the Raz Blanchard pilot tidal farm in France.

Moventas, a Finnish-based technology developer, is currently in the process of designing customer-specific modified gearboxes for Alstom’s Oceade 18 tidal turbine that has the capacity of 1.4 MW, Moventas’ press release reads.

Arto Lahtela, Moventas CEO, said: “We are very excited and honored to be a part of this project. What is even more crucial with tidal gearboxes than wind turbine gearboxes, reliability and availability must be uncompromising.”

Alstom has been chosen by ADEME to supply four Oceade 18 1.4 MW tidal turbines for the pilot tidal farm project developed in collaboration with Engie (formerly known as GDF Suez). The project will be located at Raz Blanchard, off Northern France.

The combined output of the turbines will amount to 5.6 MW, and is expected to supply power to 15.000 people. The construction is scheduled to begin in 2017.

Moventas is owned by the global engineering group Clyde Blowers, and its technology aims to lower the cost of energy across the lifecycle of renewable energy generation, from gearbox design and manufacture t after sales service for most gearbox brands.

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Image: Alstom