MSC, Quadrise to test lower-carbon fuels on commercial containerships

MSC Shipmanagement Limited of Cyprus, a subsidiary of Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), has signed a framework agreement with Quadrise, the supplier of MSAR and bioMSAR, to test the use of lower-carbon fuels on one or more containerships.

Illustration only; Archive; Courtesy of MSC

Under the agreement, proof-of-concept tests and subsequent operational trials will be carried out using both bioMSAR and MSAR fuel on one or more commercial container vessels, as essential precursor steps to the intended commercial supply of these fuels to MSC’s global fleet.

As disclosed, the proof-of-concept for each bioMSAR and MSAR will be conducted on a vessel now owned by MSC that was previously used for MSAR demonstrations on a 69 MW two-stroke engine.

The tests are scheduled to commence by no later than 31 December 2022, subject to the ongoing availability of the vessel.

It is estimated that each trial will require 1,000 metric tons of fuel to confirm engine performance on the vessel.

Subject to positive results from the proof-of-concept trials, the fuels will undergo subsequent operational trials to provide commercial operating experience with a view to obtaining Letters of No Objection (LONOs) from the engine manufacturer after proving the operational viability of bioMSAR and MSAR at both an interim (midway) and final stage (after circa 4,000 operating hours).

Quadrise estimates that approximately 25,000 metric tons of fuel will be required for each of the trials, which will be produced by the company and purchased by MSC. 

In conjunction with the trials, MSC and Quadrise will jointly continue discussions with other marine engine suppliers to investigate testing bioMSAR and MSAR on their engines, the parties said.

In parallel, subject to the successful progression of the trial to the interim LONO stage, Quadrise and MSC intend to negotiate a collaborative commercial agreement (or agreements) to supply bioMSAR and/or MSAR to be used by MSC.

Additionally, the Parties will investigate opportunities to test the Quadrise Blend-on-Board solution on a suitable MSC vessel.

Commenting on this agreement Jason Miles, CEO of Quadrise, said: “This is an important milestone for the company as we progress our projects and deepen our relationships with leading energy suppliers and users to reduce energy consumption, costs and emissions. Quadrise is delighted to have signed this new agreement with MSC Shipmanagement, the biggest in-house ship management company globally responsible for the largest container ship fleet in the world.”

“MSC Shipmanagement is delighted to be working with the Quadrise team under this new agreement, as together we have an important enabling role in the marine energy transition towards a net zero carbon future and reducing our own vessel emissions“, added Prabhat Jha, Group MD & CEO of MSC Shipmanagement Ltd.

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