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Mukran Port, Hoyer to Open Fully Automated Bunker Station for Ships

Germany’s Mukran Port and energy supplier Hoyer have revealed plans to introduce a fully automated bunker station for service vessels at the port. 

As informed, a tank facility for marine gas oil (MGO) will be built by the end of 2019. The construction is scheduled to begin at berth 1, in the southern part of the Mukran Port, in September.

The bunker station will be available around the clock for bunkering of vessels which operate in the Baltic Sea.

Specifically, the refueling process at berth 1 will be automated and made possible by card.

According to Mukran Port and Hoyer, the shipping industry in general, as well as offshore wind farm supply vessels and tugs would benefit from the new bunker station.

It will be possible to refuel ships at night without additional waiting time. The new station will replace the existing land-side mobile refueling from 2020 and will be equipped with a storage chamber with a capacity of 100 cbm.

“Thanks to the high shipping demand in Mukran, we will strengthen our refueling network in Germany and in the Baltic Sea Region with this investment,” Thomas Hoyer, managing partner of Wilhelm Hoyer, explained, adding that the port and the energy supplier will also deepen their long-term cooperation.

Located on Germany’s island of Rügen, the deepwater port encompasses ferry, rail, multipurpose and offshore terminals on a total area of around 430 hectares. 

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