‘Muslim Magomayev’ on sea trials

Incat Crowther has announced the launch and sea trials of Muslim Magomayev, a first-of-type 70m Catamaran Fast Crew Boat (FCB).

'Muslim Magomayev' on sea trials
‘Muslim Magomayev’ on sea trials

Constructed by Incat Tasmania, Muslim Magomayev is compliant with IMO HSC code and complete with a crew transfer system consisting of dynamic positioning equipment class (DP2) coupled with a walk-to-work stabilized access platform.

The vessel’s operation includes fast crew transfer for 150 offshore workers to multiple offshore installations. The hull design is optimized for high speed transits with a maximized operability envelope and low incidences of sea sickness. This is achieved by Incat Crowther’s advanced semi-SWATH hull form, combined with a resiliently mounted main cabin and machinery system, extensive vibration isolation and active ride control system. The vessel’s hull form was validated through extensive tank testing and is designed to operate comfortably in sea conditions of 40 knot wind and seas of 3m significant wave height.

Crew transfer is completed primarily by an Ampelmann walk-to-work stabilized access platform, providing a level platform and gangway to access offshore platforms. The access system compensates for the vessel’s motion by using hydraulic cylinders with a motion compensating control system. The vessel will hold station using dynamic positioning (DNV DYNPOS-AUTR) and crew transfers will be performed with a 98.5% uptime in prevailing conditions.

According to Incat Crowther, this vessel is the first catamaran to utilize this system and the first to have the stabilized access platform structure and supporting systems fully integrated into the design. For redundancy a crane lifted personnel transfer system is also provided for up to 2 groups of 9 offshore workers.

Incat Crowther

Whilst the primary function of the vessel is crew transfer, the vessel’s arrangement provides flexibility with an additional 275 square meters of cargo deck. This capacity will allow the vessel to complete cargo hot shots for 130 tons of deck cargo to a range of 400nm at speeds up to 35 knots.

Passengers are accommodated on both the main deck and mid-deck, with the mid-deck featuring crew accommodation for 14. All crew cabins offer excellent crew comfort and are ILO-compliant. The main deck also features VIP rooms, vending machines, luggage space and a large workshop.

Muslim Magomayev is designed by Incat Crowther and constructed by Incat Tasmania, with production engineering by Revolution Design.

The shipyard’s construction capability and capacity has leveraged into this market with the oil and gas design experience of Incat Crowther; utilizing the track record obtained from the design of over 90 vessels operating in the oil and gas market. Eight Incat Crowther-designed crew boats already operate in the Caspian Sea.

Following deployment in October 2014, Caspian Marine Services (CMS) will operate the vessel, providing crew transfer and hot shot cargo services to platforms in such fields as Azeri-Chirag-Deepwater Gunashli (ACG), the largest oil field in Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea and Shah Deniz (a large offshore gas and condensate field). The oil and gas produced from these fields is transported by tanker for processing in Baku, and then transported via pipeline through Georgia and Turkey to the Mediterranean port of Ceyhan or the Georgian port of Supsa in the Black Sea.


September 17, 2014


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