Namaka Subsea DEV4

Namaka Subsea picks software developer DEV4

Consultancy firm Namaka Subsea has signed an agreement with Aberdeen-based software development company DEV4 Online.

Courtesy: Namaka Subsea

Namaka Subsea partnered with DEV4 as its preferred software supplier following the development of its Diving Content Management System, NAMS – Namaka Asset Management System.

The system provides a cloud-based content management system to support diving, ROV and marine equipment maintenance in compliance with international diving equipment requirements and project management scheduling.

NAMS was launched in October to supersede Namaka’s previous application DiveCERT and has been well received by companies around the world, and hosts assets for Hyperbaric Cable Repair Habitats and Military Diving Vessels.

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Lee Duncan Namaka Subsea’s managing director, said: “Working with DEV4 on the development of NAMS was a refreshing experience. With their team’s expertise and technical knowledge in software development, they were able to complete the project promptly.”

This partnership aligns with DEV4’s wide experience of developing complex engineering applications whilst also harnessing its experience on future technical direction on a range of business-related software systems.

Gail Henderson, DEV4 technical director, said: “We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the team at Namaka Subsea and aiding them to achieve further business growth through the provision of their client-focused software, improved business offerings and quality services.”