Nature Energy joins in on Danish LNG partnership

Nature Energy on Friday informed it has joined a group of companies in an LNG liquefaction plant project to be established at the port of Frederikshavn, Denmark, in 2018. 

The Danish energy company joins the Bunker Holding Group, Kosan Crisplant and Port of Frederikshavn, a partnership named Nordic Liquefaction (Nordliq), in the LNG project, which aims to transform biogas from gaseous to liquid state, enabling greener transport in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, as well as greener road transport in Scandinavia.

Nature Energy will be supplying the biogas for the plant, the company said in its statement.

The initial cooperation on the project was set up in February 2016 by Bunker Holding and Kosan Crisplant. The port of Frederikshavn was selected due to the frequency of ships passing the strait at Skagen every year, making it the optimal location for a liquefaction plant.

The facility is planned to ensure the development of the market for sustainable fuels, mainly for maritime transport and subsequently for heavy road transport – not only in Denmark, but in all of Scandinavia, Nature Energy said.

The design of the facility is planned for 2017 with the commissioning scheduled for the end of 2018, the statement reads.

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