NEMOS wave energy converter (VIDEO)

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German company NEMOS has released a video that shows how its wave energy converter (WEC) produces about 1MW of clean ocean energy.

The NEMOS WEC is an new system for generating electricity from ocean waves.

An elongated floating body absorbs the incoming energy and transmits to a generator by a spring-loaded belt drive.

According to NEMOS, the systems hydro-mechanical efficiency is far above standard technology.

The system is adjustable in size to different environmental conditions to maximise energy output.

The 2019 wave energy converter prototype features a 8 x 2 metre floater and a 16 metres long substructure.

Initial prototype was on trials in Ostend, Belgium next to the NEMOS research tower that controls and surveils the trials.

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The prototype design marks the latest stage of the NEMOS WEC developments.

Unlike the initial NEMOS concept, this standalone floating design does not need a fixed structure.

As a result, it delivers competitive steel to kilowatt-hour ratio.

This video shows the intended machine dimensions for a full commercial scale, where the device produces about 1MW of energy.