NEMOS wraps up wave device testing in Denmark

German wave energy developer NEMOS has concluded the long-term testing program on its scaled wave energy device undertaken at Nissum Bredning site in Denmark.

The 1:5 scale device was in fully automated operating mode since October 2016, NEMOS said.

The device underwent months of failure-free operation, according to NEMOS, surviving various storms with significant wave heights of 1.5 meters during the testing period.

These wave heights are equal to the heights of 7.5 meters for the full-scale device, NEMOS said.

NEMOS wave system consists of an elongated floating body which is connected to the seabed by three ropes. The movement of the waves causes the device to transmit mechanical energy to a generator which is positioned at any suitable offshore structure.

The system is capable of protecting itself during stormy conditions by automatically submerging and sheltering itself from the waves, while the energy is continued to be harnessed in the submerged mode.

As reported earlier, NEMOS has recently secured an approval from Belgian authorities to deploy a full-scale device off Ostend in the North Sea.