Photo: Nervión Industries

Nervión completes its part of foundations work for Moray East OWF

Spain-based Nervión Industries has completed the manufacturing and assembly of all the 20 upper jackets for the Moray East offshore wind farm, which Navantia is delivering from its Puerto Real shipyard to Smulders.

The company said that within a turnkey contract, it had carried out the complete manufacture of the structures over the last 14 months. According to Nervión, it completed the project on time despite delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and other uncontrollable problems encountered during executing the project.

At the beginning of October, Smulders dispatched the final three upper jackets for the Moray East project that were fabricated at its yard in Hoboken, Belgium, to Newcastle upon Tyne, where the complete foundations are being assembled.

The Belgian manufacturer is in charge of delivering 55 turbine jacket foundations for Moray East, which are fabricated in two sections: upper and lower, with 35 upper sections made in Belgium and 20 in Spain.

The 55 lower sections are manufactured in Newcastle. After the jackets are assembled there, they are sent to the Port of Nigg, where they are prepared for installation at the project site.

It is anticipated that jacket transport from Newcastle will continue until the end of the year, when all are expected to have been fabricated and delivered.

For the 100-turbine Moray East offshore wind farm, the remaining 45 jacket foundations have been delivered by Lamprell from its yards in the United Arab Emirates.

Lamprell loaded its last batch of jacket foundations for Moray East onto a heavy lift vessel in Dubai, UAE, in the second half of September.