Neste to Equip Chartered Tankers with Energy-Saving Systems

Neste Shipping Oy, a subsidiary of Neste, Finland, has signed a benchmark agreement to lease energy management solutions from Icelandic company Marorka and install them on chartered tankers, becoming one of the first ship operators to install energy management systems on third party ships.

Marorka data systems will be provided on a lease for the duration of the contract. Moreover, in contrast to standard agreements in this sector, Marorka’s solution will be leased on a subscription basis with additional service packages.

Every ship chartered by Neste Shipping will be fitted with the Marorka system, which collects onboard, real-time data and monitors performance. Neste Shipping will also be using Marorka Online to monitor fleet performance. The leasing agreement encompasses all hardware and software and includes customer and advisory services.

”This agreement with Neste Shipping is a benchmark agreement within the charterers’ market. It shows that data-driven, energy management matters to companies chartering in ships from third parties as much as to companies operating or chartering out their own ships,” said Ole Skatka Jensen, Marorka CEO.

”Companies which charter ships usually have to bear significant energy costs. Marorka’s solution can help them realize significant returns by basing their management decisions on real-time data. Moreover, with this new contract, Marorka is delivering superior data systems through energy management solutions as a service.”


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