New Digital Subsea CANopen Series w/ Temperature Launched (USA)


Designed specifically for subsea systems, Paine Electronics new Digital SubSea CANopen® Series meets the requirements of API 17F / ISO 13626-6 and CIA 443 (SIIS Level 2 device) providing the intelligent CANopen® networking solution for pressure and temperature measurement.

Precise digital pressure measurement from 0-10,000 PSIA and temperature measurement from +20°F to +150°F (-6°C to +65°C), the Digital SubSea CANopen® Series sports a micro Subconn® MCBH4F subsea connector, is constructed of all welded titanium for long term subsea operation and provides easy network integration.

Typical Applications: Subsea Production Systems, ROV’s, Subsea Control Systems, Subsea Valves and more…

Specifications Brief:

*Digital Output: CANopen®, Fault tolerant.

*canopen.pngTotal Error of Digital Pressure Output: <0.075% Full Scale over the calibrated temperature range.

*Pressure Resolution: Better than 0.04 PSI.

*Operating Temperature Range: +25°F to +140°F (-4°C to +60°C)

*Calibrated Temperature Range: +32°F to +100°F (0°C to +38°C).

*Pressure Output In PSI: The internal microprocessor compensates for the effects of temperature and non-linearity providing accurate pressure in PSI.

*Temperature Output: °F or °C.

*Temperature Resolution: 10 Bits minimum. Better that 0.5°F.

The Digital SubSea CANopen® Series can be provided with alternate pressure ranges and port fittings to meet your specific requirements.


Source: paineelectronics,February 13, 2011;

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