New Floating Dock RI-38 Heads Out to Viktor Lenac Shipyard in Croatia

New Floating Dock RI-38 Heads Out to Viktor Lenac Shipyard in Croatia

Recently Viktor Lenac shipyard celebrated the Formal Delivery of the New Floating Dock RI-38 in the Ukraine’s Pallada Shipyard.

On 6th June 2012 the dock commenced its voyage down the Dnipro river to its estuary on the Black sea, via the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles into the Meditteranean sea. The dock will turn around the Cape Matapan in Greece and continue its voyage towed by a tugboat through the Otranto Strait into the Adriatic sea. The dock is expected in Viktor Lenac on 20th June.

In November 2011, Viktor Lenac Shipyard signed the contract for the purchase of a new floating drydock with the Ukraine shipyard Kherson State Plant „Pallada“.

It is a composite dock type with concrete pontoons and steel towers having the following dimensions:

Pontoon Length: 139.50 m

Length Overall: 155.50 m

B (internal clear between towers): 24.50 m

Overall Width: 32.40 m

Capacity: 8,500 t

The new dock will focus on small to medium sized ships, particularly chemical tankers, LPG, ferry boats and cruisers, general cargo and container ships and offshore support vessels conversions. The Shipyard now has two floating drydocks. Dock 11 is the largest dock and can receive vessels of Aframax and Suezmax size. Dock 5 has recently been completely renovated.

With the third dock, the Shipyard will increase its docking capacity allowing flexibility in accommodating small to medium sized ships and freeing up large dock capacity.


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, June 7, 2012; Image: lenac