Photo: DecomMissionBlue, Offshore Energy 2021 (Source: Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports (AYOP))

New offshore partnership targets cleaner North Sea

Various parties from the offshore sector have formed a partnership dedicated to sustainable decommissioning and recycling of offshore and maritime installations.

The partnership, DecomMissionBlue, has been launched at the Offshore Energy 2021 exhibition in Amsterdam on Wednesday, 27 October.

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DecomMissionBlue is facilitated by Amsterdan IJmuiden Offshore Ports (AYOP) and was initiated by AYOP members BK Ingenieurs, Boskalis Nederland, Building Careers, Koole Contractors/Decom Amsterdam, Mammoet, Port of Amsterdam, Reym, Seafox, Tata Steel and Van Leeuwen Zwanenburg Sloopwerken.

The partnership focuses on the joint mission to innovate processes and the infrastructure and work towards sustainable, circular and more efficient decommissioning with the ultimate goal of a cleaner North Sea.

“Decommissioning is becoming a major activity for the port of Amsterdam and involves everything related to the circular economy and waste processing”, said Jurgen Treffers, CFO of Koole Contractors.

“By working together as partners in DecomMissionBlue we can provide a total package of solutions for the entire process and throughout the chain, from inventory to reuse, from oil major to steel processor. In other words, a sustainable closed cycle within a radius of just ten miles”.

The new partnership is expected to create custom time and cost-efficient decommissioning solutions, coordinated by a single point of contact to take care of the necessary certifications and ensure compliance with the safety and quality requirements that apply to the decommissioning sector.