New Spanish technology company joins Hydrogen Europe organization

Spanish materials technology company Matteco has become a member of the industry organization Hydrogen Europe.

Courtesy of Matteco

Matteco said the company’s commitment to sustainable innovation aligns perfectly with the mission of Hydrogen Europe, adding that with its next-generation catalysts and electrodes for electrolysis, Matteco’s mission is to contribute to decarbonization efforts by making green hydrogen cost-competitive.

“This joining of forces will strengthen our network, provide us with access to cutting-edge research and enable us to make a significant contribution to the advancement of hydrogen technology in Europe,” Matteco stated.

To note, Matteco is based in Valencia and was co-founded by Zubi Labs and a group of scientists in August 2023. The company is planning to open its GW-scale factory in Q2 2024.

Hydrogen Europe represents European-based companies and stakeholders that are committed to moving towards a carbon-neutral economy.

In 2023, the organization signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Hydrogen Europe Research and EURAMET (the European Association of National Metrology Institutes) to foster cooperation for the mutual benefit of the associations, in support of hydrogen research and technology requiring metrological knowledge and information.

Jorgo Chatimarkakis, CEO of Hydrogen Europe, said at the time that those cooperations are fundamental and showcase EU R&I synergies in action.

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