Wayfinder DVL Installed

New Wayfinder DVL for micro subsea vehicles

Wayfinder Size

Subsea technology company Teledyne RD Instruments has launched its new Wayfinder Doppler Velocity Log (DVL).

Teledyne RDI

The Wayfinder provides Doppler navigation capability for micro vehicles, often constrained by stringent size, weight and budget limitations.

Measuring just 10 x 10 x 7 centimetres and weighing in at .51 kilograms, Teledyne RDI’s new Wayfinder can address the needs of industry’s proliferation of increasingly smaller subsea vehicles.

It is also by far the smallest DVL, as it literally puts subsea navigation in the palm of users hand.

Stephen Apsey, general manager at Teledyne RDI explains further,

“Teledyne RDI has been the leader in Doppler navigation for over 25 years, providing the highest quality, most precise and reliable DVLs available to the industry’s preeminent vehicle manufacturers.

“We’re now bringing this technology to the next generation of micro ROVs and AUVs by drastically reducing the size and weight to deliver Teledyne quality at a price point that will meet their unique needs.”

From the outset, Teledyne RDI designed the Wayfinder DVL with micro vehicle manufacturers, universities, and hobbyists in mind.

It delivers a 200-metre depth rating, ease of integration and operation, as well as self-serve online support documentation and online purchasing.

The Wayfinder also rounds out Teledyne’s full family of DVL products servicing the defense, commercial and academic markets.