Nexans Confirms DolWin6 Award

French cable specialist Nexans has confirmed the contract award from the transmission system operator TenneT to supply and install the cables for the DolWin6 direct-current link.

The Nexans contract, worth around 100 million euros, comprises the cables, accessories and installation.

Two 90-km-long high-voltage direct-current cables from Nexans will transport up to 900 MW of wind power from North Sea Cluster 3 to the Emden/Ost converter station.

In addition to the DC cables, Nexans will be installing a fibre-optic cable for data transfer. The project – Nexans Deutschland’s biggest to date – is scheduled for completion in 2023.

“We are delighted to be working alongside Nexans, another strong service provider in the field of plastic-insulated direct-current cables for our latest offshore project,” said Lex Hartman, who sits on the executive board of TenneT.

Dr Dirk Steinbrink, managing director of Nexans Deutschland and senior executive vice-president of the Nexans Group, commented: “I am delighted that TenneT has awarded us the contract for this important link. With DolWin6, we are responsible for all stages of the project relating to the cable system, including design, manufacture, logistics and installation, and after previous projects such as Beatrice, Italy-Montenegro and NordLink, we once again have the chance to demonstrate our expertise in high-voltage direct-current transmission.”

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