Photo: Safeway

Next-gen SOV-gangway combo coming to market

Spanish engineering company Marcelo Penna Engineering and the Dutch Safeway have joined forces to design an “intelligent” service operation vessel (SOV) combined with a motion-compensated offshore access system.

The parties are developing the DP2 MP625 SOV combined with the recently introduced Safeway Gannet 3D motion-compensated offshore access system that features zero impact bumpering or hover-mode, and roll compensation capability.

The 64m vessel will have a maximum speed of 21kn and will provide cargo transfers of between 1,000 and 2,000kg.

In addition, the vessel will be equipped with three diesel engines each of which will be coupled with two electric engines offering a hybrid solution and a total output power of 4.4 MW.

By featuring lithium batteries, the vessel will be capable of remaining in DP for up to 12 hours in silent mode, the companies said.

“For both our companies innovation was the key driver behind this partnership. Our common goal was to come up with a high-quality design and cutting-edge technology that would minimize construction and maintenance costs, maximize operational efficiency at sea and reduce any unplanned downtime,” said Marcelo Penna, CEO of Marcelo Penna Engineering.

“And we are confident that the MP625 SOV and Safeway’s Gannet gangway will become a popular combination in the demanding and fast-growing SOV market.”