NGV2014 workshops continue

NGV2014 workshops continue

NGV2014 Brussels, the ‘5th International Show & Workshops’ continued with Wednesday being primarily dominated by the ongoing series of specialised workshops.

The program kicked off in the morning with the workshop ‘Vehicles & Engine Technologies’. Facilitated by Liam Breslin, Head of Unit Surface Transport (DG Research and Innovation), the session highlighted the different solutions on the side of engines for methane-powered mobility. Experts of Volvo, Daimler, Iveco and others presented the respective technological solutions their companies currently offer in order to meet customers’ demands.

After lunch, the workshop ‘Customer Experiences’ was held, which provided participants with first-hand experiences from European fleet operators pioneering in the inclusion of NGVs in their running parks. Overall, operators agreed that in order to further increase the share of NGVs in their fleets, the expansion of Europe’s corresponding network of refuelling infrastructure is crucial. Moreover, the European Commission’s Valeriu Dan Donisie, Head of Unit DG SANCO (Health & Consumers), presented the interesting findings of a study on ‘The Market for Vehicle Fuels as Experienced by Customers’. Donisie stressed that, according to the study, it is foremost clear information about fuel quality and fuel/vehicle compatibility that customers are lacking. He furthermore underlined the benefits a consistent labelling of the different fuels available at Europe’s pumps would provide to customers.

Later that day, a Session on Industry Innovations took place, which was facilitated by NGVA Europe Secretary General Lennart Pilskog. In the course of the session, different technologically innovative approaches were presented by leading industry representatives of companies such as Westport Innovations, Luxfer, xperion and others. In addition, IDIADA’s Xavier Ribas emphasised the important progress the ongoing LNG Blue Corridors project is making. Also acting as a Coordinator of the EU project, Ribas highlighted the recent achievements, most notably the opening of the three LNG filling stations in the past months, which represent the first successful steps on the way to establish a comprehensive network of LNG refuelling stations across Europe.

The activities were rounded off with the NGV2014 Brussels Kart Race Tournament that provided workshop participants and exhibitors with an amazingly different activity.

Press Release, July 10, 2014

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