Nonox Systems on Board Wilhelmsen’s Third Vessel

Nonox Systems On Board Wilhelmsen's Third Vessel

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics optimizes a third vessel in its fleet to save on fuel costs and reduce environmental emissions.

A Wilhelmsen strategic partner in achieving these goals is 2012 Orcelle Award winner Nonox Ltd., the manufacturer of patented water-in-oil emulsion fuel systems which for the past two years have been implemented aboard WWL M/V Tortugas (PCTC) powered by Mitsubishi-UE 7UEC60LSII and M/V Taiko (ConRo) @ 39,900 DWT powered by MAN B&W 8 L90GB . A third Nonox system is planned for first quarter 2013 implementation aboard M/V Tamesis, (RoRo) a 38,486dwt powered by MAN B&W 8L70MC (MK5).

The Nonox system is composed of an emulsion combustion unit (ECU) having an intermediary connection between straight fuel supply & engine/boiler and a connection to a plain water source. Emulsion fuel is produced on-demand, before it enters the combustion chamber, requiring no surfactants or chemical additives, thus eliminating logistical requirements and maintaining power and performance. Age, type, and manufacture differences in each power plant operating under varying conditions, especially at sea require different fuel/water/air adjustments to achieve optimal performance. Nonox is computer controlled easily managing required emulsions, not feasible with pre-mixed fuel. Thus a cleaner more comprehensive burn is produced optimizing power and performance concurrent with significantly reducing fuel consumption and SOx, CO2, NOx and PM emissions.

A simple non-invasive on-board implementation and significant direct fuel savings provide for a short technology payback of less than a year. Whether slow steaming, running at maximum speed or hoteling direct fuel savings are consistently achieved using straight fuel available in all ports having a continuing exponentially growing ROI. Importantly Nonox removes up to 90% of PM upfront, thereby proactively eliminating much of the exhaust scrubber systems by-product sludge in ships so equipped.

“Since first installing the Nonox systems on board Wilhelmsen M/V Tortugas and M/V Taiko we are seeing positive trends with regards to reduced fuel oil consumption, cleaner inside engine, economizer and boiler and reduced NOx-emissions”. said Petter Joenvik, Shipping and Environmental Manager, Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA

WMS has the capability to serve its customers in more than 2200ports in 115 countries Wilhelmsen Ships Equipment, part of the Wilh.Wilhelmsen group of companies with head office in Oslo, Norway has the world’s most extensive ship servicing operation with more than 21000 ships as regular customers … “Our strategic partners provide technologies that will meet all the new environmental regulations as well as provide operational improvements enabling our vision to go from HFO to Zero emissions”. said Iver Iversen Business Development Manager Wilhelmsen Maritime Services


Nonoxltd, December 12, 2012; Image: WWL