Noreco: Huntington Production Still Reduced

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Noreco Huntington Field Production Temporarily Reduced

Noreco, a Norwegian Energy Company, produced 3 714 barrels of oil equivalents (boe) per day in October 2013, and net realised price was USD 98.50 per boe adjusted for inventory.

At the Huntington field the reservoir is performing as expected and the FPSO unit has continued to operate in a steady, reliable manner since late August. Field output has however been temporarily reduced to approximately 40 per cent of capacity since September due to issues in the CATS gas export pipeline system.

The operator of the CATS system, BP, has indicated that due to maintenance shutdown of dry gas fields within the CATS system, Huntington output was restricted to maintain an optimal blend of dry and wet gas streams. BP further indicated that constraints imposed on Huntington would be lifted progressively from early November as the drier gas fields come back on stream. Such ramp-up is currently ongoing.

In the Danish sector, the Nini, Nini East and Cecilie fields have remained shut-in due to technical issues at the Siri platform. The Siri field operator DONG continues its dialogue with Danish authorities about a temporary solution with direct loading to ship for Noreco’s fields, by-passing the Siri-tank. While they are still targeting an earliest possible start-up, the expectation is now that the production will not resume until Q2 2014, after the winter season.

The Oselvar and Lulita fields in Norway and Denmark respectively came back on stream in September. Oselvar output has produced well since restart, but should be expected to stabilise at a more normal level of 6-700 boe per day.

Production per field, October 2013 (September 2013 in brackets) all in barrels of oil equivalents per day:

Huntington – 2 451 (3 391)

Nini East – 0 (0)

Cecilie – 0 (0)

Nini – 0 (0)

Oselvar – 1 056 (423)

Lulita – 207 (137)

Enoch – 0 (0)

Total – 3 714 (3 950)


November 05, 2013


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