Norway: Advanced Trawler Ship Design by Skipsteknisk

Norway-  Advanced Trawler Ship Design by Skipsteknisk

A Norwegian fisheries company Ytterstad, based in Lødingen, has ordered a new flagship.

The main function of the ship is to purse seining and pelagic trawling.

The ship will have a length of 75 m, a width of 15.40 m and a tank capacity of 2100 m3. This advanced type of ship is developed by Skipsteknisk AS in Ålesund, in close cooperation with the company.

The ship can be also used for research projects in Northern areas and as a supply ship for the oil and gas industry in the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea. The vessel will be equipped in the same manner as a modern oceanographic vessel. Also, the ship will be equipped with a separate diesel-electric propulsion system that can be, conceivably, used in the exploration phase and research or other special operations.

Dynamic positioning will be made in accordance with side thrusters which are positioned in the stern.

The ship will be equipped with dual roll reduction tanks to better regulate the movements under different operational conditions. The interior is based on a modern design and is designed with high standards for noise reduction.

The ship’s model is currently conducting hull and propeller system tests to optimize resistance and fuel oil consumption.

Construction will start in February 2013 and delivery will be in July 2014.


World Maritime News Staff, December 20, 2012; Image: Skipsteknisk