Norway contracts Shearwater to re-process Barents Sea seismic data

Shearwater GeoServices has been awarded a contract for re-processing of 2D seismic data in the Barents Sea from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD), a government agency whose task is to manage the oil & gas resources on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. 

The geophysical company said on Friday that the re-processing is of two projects to be run in parallel, including approx. 6,000 km of pre-stack time migration re-processing and 2,500 km of ‘shallow’ target and data analysis of 2D seismic data in Barents Sea North.

Simon Telfer, VP Processing & Imaging at Shearwater GeoServices commented: “These contracts represent continuation of processing work and a strong relationship with the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate since 2013, which has seen our geophysicists process over 36,000 km of 2D seismic data from the Barents Sea regions for the NPD.

“In addition, the processing of many other 2D and 3D surveys from offshore Norway has given our geophysicists vast experience processing data from the Barents Sea and Norwegian Continental Shelf environments.”

Shearwater GeoServices is a geophysical company jointly owned by GC Rieber Shipping and Rasmussengruppen, formed late last year.

The new company took over four seismic vessels from GC Rieber and bought seismic equipment, including streamers, and the processing business, from the former lending banks of the bankrupt Dolphin Geophysical.

Technical and crewing support were provided to Shearwater by GC Rieber with the company’s organization being established in part from former Dolphin Geophysical staff and in part from hired staff.