Norway: GL Rewards Young Engineers for Scientific Research

GL Rewards Engineers for Scientific Research at Nor-Shipping

At a ceremony held at the Nor-Shipping maritime exhibition in Oslo, classification society Germanischer Lloyd (GL) rewarded three young engineers for their outstanding scientific research with the GL Young Professionals Award.

As well as seeking out the best new research, the Awards aim to support the best young engineers in the Maritime field and to demonstrate how varied and exciting the engineering profession can be. This year’s awards topic centred on a key area for the future of shipping, asking for theses which presented “Innovative Ideas to Increase the Efficiency of Ships and/or their Operation”.

Dr Pierre C Sames, GL Senior Vice President and Head of Research and Rule Development presented the prizes, which range in value from 1,000 to 3,000 Euro to winners from Greece and Germany.

Mr Lampros Nikolopoulos of the National Technical University of Athens received the top honour and a first prize of €3,000 for his paper: “Holistic Methodology for the Optimization of Tanker Design and Operation and its Applications”.

Second prize and with it an award of €2,000 was given to Ms Eva Binkowski from the University of Rostock for her paper: “Optimisation of a parametrically modelled containership for power taking into account predicted operational profiles”.

Mr Hannes Lindner of the University of Rostock was awarded third prize and €1,000 for his paper “Verification and Validation of numeric towing test with a ship model free to trim and submerge”.

With the GL Young Professional Award Germanischer Lloyd (GL) supports newcomers to the industry as they build up their expertise, a vital part of ensuring that the maritime sector continues to develop and retain innovative young professionals. This was the sixth time that GL has awarded this prize.

GL Group, June 6, 2013