Norway: PSA Conducts Audit of Electrical Installations at Statoil


During the period 7-8 June 2011, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of Statoil aimed at the operating company’s work to ensure compliance with the petroleum regulations’ requirements for electrical installations and personnel responsible for electrical installations.


The background for the activity is based on the PSA’s main priorities for 2011, particularly follow-up of barriers.

It is important to the PSA that the industry uses and further develops knowledge about safeguarding and improving barriers.

The sum of technical, operational and organisational factors is crucial for ensuring that the barriers function and are effective at all times.

Good understanding of risk is necessary in order to prevent accidents, to establish appropriate preparedness and to reduce uncertainty.


The objective of the activity was to conduct an audit to ensure compliance with regulatory provisions, and the audit particularly targeted those parts of the company’s management system that cover personnel responsible for electrical installations, their role, responsibilities and tasks during engineering, operations, modifications and maintenance of electrical installations.


The audit was carried out as planned with good facilitation by Statoil. The conversations PSA held gave the impression of capable and enthusiastic employees.

PSA’s general impression was that Statoil has a good system for safeguarding the requirements that apply to electrical installations and personnel responsible for such installations.

No regulatory nonconformities were identified within the audit topics.

However, one improvement item was noted in connection with:

  • Establishing and following up barriers

Source: PTIL, July 15, 2011;