Norway: Ulstein’s X-BOW Vessel Stars in Film for Children

“The toughest vessels in the world are the x-bows. And in the film world, the villain is the toughest. Therefore, an x-bow vessel is the villain in the latest ‘Elias’ animation. And that’s why we invited you to the cinema tonight”.

These are John M. Jacobsen´s words. He is the producer of the animation ‘Elias og jakten på havets gull’ (Elias and the quest for the golden treasure) and invited Ulstein Group employees and their children to a preview at 9 December. The animation films about the rescue vessel ‘Elias’ are among the most popular productions for children in Norway.

“Those who participate in a film are usually invited to see the film before everyone else. And you are participants, as the main villain, the ‘Polar queen’ and her assistants, are all x-bow-vessels”, concluded Jacobsen in front of an expectant audience.

We met the siblings Melody (5) and Arthur (3) Pettersson-Kieffer when they had seen the film.

“Can you tell us what happened in the film?”

“The queen wanted the treasure, but the girl only took one coin, and the witch took all the fishing boats, and then the boat fell and was destroyed, and all the money fell out. She was naughty”, explains Melody, and adds: “Dad works with such boats”. Arthur says that he likes the girl in the film, she is a submarine. Dad, Jimmy Kieffer at Ulstein Design & Solutions, says that the treasure is at the bottom of Isfjorden (the ‘Ice Fjord’), where the family lived until they moved to Ulsteinvik this autumn: “The kids are now particularly curious about exactly where in Isfjorden this treasure is hidden”, he says with a smile.


Source: Ulsteingroup , December 10, 2010;