NTU Surveys Two Underwater Sites for Energy Needs, Singapore

NTU Surveys Two Underwater Sites for Energy Needs, Singapore

Researchers from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) are about to start surveying two of the selected sites that could power some homes in Singapore through generating power from tidal turbines.

As reported by Eco-business.com, the site near St John’s Island and the other one near Pulau Sebarok are believed to have strong current speeds.

The scientists will try to confirm the current speeds by leaving sensors on the seabed to collect data for a month, as well as conduct a survey which will include a sonar scan to inspect whether or not the seabed’s slopes are suited for the tidal turbines.

Project leader Michael Abundo from the Energy Research Institute at NTU said: “Wind and solar energy may be affected by the weather, but tidal currents are very predictable. If you have data from one lunar month or 29.5 days, you can forecast the current every hour for the next year.”

If suitable, the two mentioned spots would be enough to power about 6,700 flats in this region.

Marine renewable energy is limited in Singapore because there are many ports, anchorage and shipping lanes occupying much of Sinagapore’s sea space.

Subsea World News Staff, August 13, 2013