NuEnergy: Radial Jetting at Muara Enim Site in Indonesia Completed

NuEnergy Radial Jetting at Muara Enim Site in Indonesia Now Completed

NuEnergy Gas Limited announced that the radial jetting program undertaken at the Muara Enim PSC Pilot Production Site for the Company’s first pilot well was completed on 19 May 2013. A total of 15 laterals were completed across five coals seams with an average lateral length of 32 metres and total lateral length of 485 metres being achieved.

This technical outcome exceeded expectations and is expected to:

  • stimulate higher water and gas production rates from the first pilot well; and
  • provide guidance as to optimal completion techniques for the following two pilot wells to be drilled from June this year.

NuEnergy’s Chairman Mr Graeme Robertson commented: “We continue to make good progress with the Muara Enim PSC Pilot Program in South Sumatra and this marks an important step in achieving our stated goal of first gas sales by December 2013. We are working cooperatively with our project partner PERTAMINA, the National Oil and Gas Company of Indonesia, to take the project forward and bring first sales to fruition in 2013.”

The radial jet technology for the coal bed methane industry contracted by NuEnergy for application at its Pilot Production site is an innovative technology that generates small lateral holes in the coal seams extending a significant distance outwards from the production well bore. These laterals are achieved by the injection of purified water into the coal seams at high pressure via a long length of high pressure hose and a high pressure nozzle designed to withstand pressures in the order of 10,000 psi. The laterals follow the natural alignment of the coal and thus provide significantly greater access to productive segments of coal seams than would otherwise be possible by a simple perforation completion immediately around the well bore. This benign approach to stimulating production is viewed as appropriate for Indonesia given the age and thickness of the coal seams, which enable long laterals to be achieved.

Since the completion of the radial jet program the work-over rig at site has been used to reinstall the PCP pump, sucker rods, stabilisers and a new more powerful electric drive motor onto the pilot well. With this work complete the company is now undergoing final start-up checks. Pilot production is targeted to recommence within the next two weeks.

NuEnergy is also in the process of shortlisting drilling contractors with a view to committing to a two well development program (with options to drill more) to complete the Muara Enim PSC pilot production site. The drilling of the next two pilot wells is scheduled to commence within the next six weeks.

Dewatering operations will continue in parallel with drilling operations for the next two pilot wells, which will be connected to the pilot site as they are completed.

NuEnergy’s Chief Executive Officer Christopher Newport added: “Operations at the Muara Enim project are progressing well. We have upgraded the pilot production site and we will soon commit to the drilling of two additional pilot production wells. Through the current radial jet program the company has demonstrated its capability to effectively apply new technologies with a view to reducing well costs and increasing productivity. NuEnergy is also currently working with gas buyer, PT DPS, to meet the first gas sale target before year-end.”

LNG World News Staff, May 23, 2013; Image: NuEnergy

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