Numerous non-conformities identified during Rowan Gorilla VI audit

On 17 and 18 June 2014, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway carried out an audit of Statoil and Rowan Gorilla VI within the disciplines of maintenance management, logistics (cranes and lifting), drilling and well technology, and emergency preparedness.

Audit of Rowan Gorilla VI results in many non-conformities, PSA says

The purpose of the audit was to assess whether Rowan Drilling Norway (Rowan) is meeting the regulatory requirements.

An audit resulted in non-conformities that were identified in connection with: Completion of the maintenance management system; Preservation of equipment; Pipe handling deck; Loading and storage deck for helifuel; Evacuation routes; Fire stations and fire-fighting equipment.

In addition, improvement points were identified in connection with: Roles and responsibilities; Training; Control function for BOP valve; Procedures; Cleaning and washing of drilling fluid tanks; Valves for bulk and drilling fluid systems; Door to cementing unit machine room; Labelling of equipment and components in the drilling area; Overboard valves; Internal verifications; Emergency shutdown (ESD) system; Training and emergency; communications equipment (escape chutes); Loose equipment in the fitness room.

Press Release, July 17, 2014