Ocean Energy Europe Names New Co-Presidents

Ocean Energy Europe has elected Thierry Kalanquin (DCNS) and Simon de Pietro (DP Energy) as its new co-presidents.

“Ocean Energy Europe has a crucial position to ensure that European policy and decision makers are fully aware of the potential of ocean energy and are putting the appropriate measures in place to support the industry. I am proud to be elected as co-president of the organisation together with Thierry Kalanquin from DCNS. We bring two different perspectives together, into one common vision, which is the development of the ocean energy sector,” said Simon De Pietro from DP Energy.

“I am very proud of this decision and I look forward to working in tandem with Simon de Pietro. The combination of our complementary expertise in energy project management and technological and industrial development will represent a serious asset for the emergence of marine renewable energies in Europe. It is also a strong symbol at a time when the marine renewable energy sector needs more than ever the cooperation of all its actors to support the development of a new market, with economic and social benefits for Europe,” added Thierry Kalanquin, DCNS senior vice president energies & marine infrastructure.

“I am very pleased with this board decision. DCNS and DP Energy are pivotal players in Europe’s ocean energy industry, and together cover all the angles. Their operational focus is on the sector’s most advanced markets – France and the UK. As technology manufacturer and renewable energy project developer, they bring key, but different, perspectives to the table and a wealth of knowledge and experience. I look forward to working with them both,” said Rémi Gruet, CEO of Ocean Energy Europe.

With a background in the automotive industry, Thierry Kalanquin joined the DCNS Group in 2010 as the director of the Services Division. In 2014, he became senior vice-president for energies & marine infrastructure, taking control of all ocean energy activities. He is also the non-executive chairman of OpenHydro, a DCNS company..

Simon De Pietro is CEO and owner/director of DP Energy. He has a background in mechanical engineering, gas turbines and conventional power generation.