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OceanBased joins National Hydropower Association

OceanBased Perpetual Energy has become a member of the National Hydropower Association and its Marine Energy Council.

The US-based association dedicates exclusively to promoting the growth of clean, renewable hydropower and marine energy.

“Throughout the United States and its territories, OceanBased is the only company working toward creating clean energy solely from the power of Florida’s Gulf Stream current,” OceanBased vice president David House noted.

“The National Hydropower Association is a respected and galvanizing force that will not only add critical mass to our own ocean energy mission, but create pathways for collaboration with Blue Economy leaders and so many others on multiple levels.”

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The NHA seeks to secure hydropower’s place as a climate-friendly, renewable and reliable energy source that serves national environmental, energy and economic policy objectives.

It unites the diverse North American hydropower community, providing an advocacy voice among US decision makers, the general public and the international community.

Through membership, individuals and organizations like OceanBased gain access to regulatory bodies, influence over energy and environmental policy and a means to exchange valuable information within the industry.

The NHA represents more than 200 companies in the North American hydropower industry—from Fortune 500 corporations to family-owned small businesses.

Its members include both public and investor-owned utilities, independent power producers, developers, manufacturers, environmental and engineering consultants, attorneys, and public policy, outreach, and education professionals.

Members, which own and operate the majority of the non-federal waterpower generating facilities in the United States, are involved in projects throughout the U.S. hydropower industry, including both federal and non-federal hydroelectric facilities.