Oceanteam Closes Refinance of Two CSVs

Oceanteam said it has closed refinance of CSV Bourbon Oceanteam 101 and CSV Southern Ocean for a period of five years at market terms.

After delivery in December 2007, Bourbon Oceanteam 101 was chartered by Oceaneering for field support work with BP offshore Angola. The contract was terminated at the end of May 2016, despite being scheduled to extend through the end of January 2017.

The first of the standard design North Ocean 100 series is jointly owned by Oceanteam Shipping and Bourbon Offshore Norway. The ship is 125 meters at length with a 27 meter beam.

Delived in 2010, the DP2 construction support/flexible product installation vessel Southern Ocean has been on long-term bare boat charter with Fugro TSM Australia. The 135 meters at length with a 27 meter beam vessel will remain under contract by Fugro TS Marine Australia until the end of 2018 plus options for extension.

The CSV Southern Ocean is also owned by a joint venture between Bourbon Offshore Norway and Oceanteam.

Subsea World News Staff