Oceanteam demobilizes carousel onboard Normand Clipper (Video)

Oceanteam demobilizes carousel onboard Normand Clipper (Video)

Offshore cable solutions provider Oceanteam has completed the demobilization of the 4,000-ton carousel from onboard the 128-meter long cable-laying vessel (CLV) Normand Clipper.

Oceanteam (Screenshot)

According to the company, the operation was completed in less than a half-day and with the assistance of Bonn & Mees Drijvende Bokken’s Matador.

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Earlier this month, Oceanteam revealed that a client had returned one of its 4,000-ton carousels a year earlier than originally agreed.

Normand Clipper, working side by side with Global Symphony, is set to install and bury the inter-array cables at the Arcadis Ost 1 offshore wind project in Germany this year.

The work is scheduled to commence in the second half of 2022 at the project site northeast of the island of Rügen in the German sector of the Baltic Sea.

Built in 2001 by Ulstein Verft, Normand Clipper features a Kongsberg SDP 21 dynamic positioning system, a deck area of 1,700m2 and a 19.5m diameter helideck. It can accommodate 101 persons.

Video credits to Oceanteam