OceanWorks Develops Storage for MWCC’s Pump Skids

OceanWorks International, a subsea solution engineering company, has completed the custom designed long term storage facility for the 3,000 meter rated Subsea Battery Powered Pump Skids.

According to OceanWorks, the main drivers of the Subsea Autonomous Dispersant Injection (SADI) system, have been stored along with the required support and mobilization equipment.

OceanWorks designed and built the SADI system which was delivered to the Marine Well Containment Company (MWCC) as a long term upgrade to the initial Subsea Autonomous Dispersant Injection (SADI) battery-powered pump system.

Furthermore, the company informed that the new facility will maintain the systems in a climate controlled environment to extend the life of the batteries and ensure the systems are ready to go should they ever be required for an emergency call out.