OceanWorks Provides Tours for Students and NOAA Staff (USA)

OceanWorks Provides Tours for Students and NOAA Staff (USA)

OceanWorks International took the lead in inviting the National Association of Black Scuba Divers (NABS) Youth Education Summit (YES) to its Houston facility last month. A team of OceanWorks Engineers and Production staff provided the 24 students, their 6 chaperones, and NOAA staff from the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary with a tour of the facility.

The introduction to the subsea industry focused on some of the career opportunities available to those in the marine engineering, diving and offshore energy sectors.

Some of the lucky NABS youth were also given the unique opportunity to try on OceanWorks’ HARDSUIT™ Quantum II Atmospheric Diving System (ADS), and to see the effects of high pressure on everyday objects in OceanWorks’ pressure testing pot.

NABS was established in 1991 by Ric Powell and Dr A. Jose Jones. Mr. Powell and Dr. Jones were two of the earliest African-Americans to become certified divers, and their collaboration resulted in the Association’s creation. NABS purpose is to foster camaraderie among African American divers, and to address the unique problems and concerns of the African-American community. Since the formation of NABS, the organization has blossomed to over 2,000 members across the country and internationally.

“OceanWorks International has always prided itself on being socially responsible and truly enjoys giving back to the community. The opportunity to support groups like NABS is a great reminder for our staff to take a step back and reminisce about their early excitement and passion for the marine industry. It is quite refreshing and encouraging to see the future of our country being so enthusiastic about the marine industry“, said Mr. Rod Stanley, Chief Executive Officer at OceanWorks International.

OceanWorks is an internationally recognized subsea technology company specializing in the design and manufacture of manned / unmanned subsea systems and specialized equipment for military, oil and gas, scientific, and other marine markets. Offering a full range of subsea system engineering, design and analysis, fabrication, testing, and project management services, OceanWorks has been at the cutting edge of deep submergence and diving technology, operations, and support for over 20 years.


Press Release, August 13, 2012