OEEC Community Square: Full program revealed

Community Square on the Offshore Energy exhibition floor – this year at the front of Hall 2 – will offer an exciting free to attend program of ON AIR talk-shows and Knowledge Café meetings on industry transformation.

A wide range of stakeholders of E&P companies and utilities, supply chain companies, NGOs, academia and government will share and discuss new ideas and solutions on energy transition, the future of the North Sea and new forms of collaboration transforming our industry and our economy. Read more on the program here!


Tuesday 10 October 2017

10:30 – 13:00


2 nations, 1 basin – same challenges: Optimizing value from the Southern North Sea

With an aging gas basin, the rejuvenation of energy production activities in the SNS is crucial for future energy security and Maximising Economic Recovery (MER). The key to big-wins in this field is the sharing of information and ideas, collaboration and the sharing of best practices. The East of England Energy Group (EEEGR), in association with the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA), Oil & Gas UK and Decom North Sea are working with operators and key stakeholders in the Southern North Sea (SNS) region.

How can we access tight gas reserves; and what techniques and infrastructure are required? Can we share resources between operators to lower the cost of operations and future exploration? Is there a way of sharing resources, offshore training and currency between oil & gas and the offshore wind sector? Can the UK and the Netherlands learn from the way their operations are run where these two nations share the same basin?

This 2,5 hour program aims to highlight how EEEGR’s SNS Rejuvenation Special Interest Group are going about tackling these issues. The program includes interactive discussion on UK-NL collaboration and an “ON AIR” talk-show from 12.30 to 13.00 hrs which will be livestreamed on OffshoreEnergyToday.com.


Tuesday 10 October 2017

14:00 16:30


Reshaping North Sea energy infrastructure


The North Sea is an important area where energy transition takes place. The Netherlands is currently experiencing a strong ramp-up of offshore wind energy construction activities in the North Sea. Meanwhile cessation and decommissioning of current oil and gas production activities in the North Sea offshore is ongoing and will be an important challenge for the time ahead.

The energy transition can be accelerated by collaboration between the oil & gas and offshore wind sector. For example, if offshore oil and gas sector combine their infrastructure(s), services, human capital and knowledge.

The “North Sea Energy program”, designed to speed up energy transition and cooperation on the North Sea, was launched in May to investigate what forms of smart collaboration are possible.

Together with the North Sea Energy program Community Square offers a program on (re)shaping the energy infrastructure of the North Sea, focusing on the latest developments in platform electrification, gas-to-wire, power-to-gas, energy storage (including hydrogen) and carbon capture and storage.

This 2,5 hour program will consist of welcoming pitches, interactive discussion on possible system integration between gas and wind on the North Sea and an “ON AIR” talk-show from 16.00 to 16.30 hrs which will be livestreamed on OffshoreEnergyToday.com.



Wednesday 11 October 2017

10:30 – 13:00


Deep dive into digitalization with DNV GL

Digitalization is a must. At company level. At industry level. At the level of the global economy. That is why Offshore Energy and DNV GL have teamed up to offer you a deep dive into digitalization. Come to Community Square for a 2,5 hour program that is designed to show how a solid digitalization strategy can maximize benefits and minimize risks for you and your company.


Harnessing data, data management and creating value from data will be part of the program. But the real challenges of digitalization are non-technical and these will be explored and discussed as well: how to get people, work processes and culture to catch up with technological possibilities?


We kick off with an interview with Rob van der Spek, Director of Knowledge Management, DNV GL Oil & Gas and continue with an interactive audience discussion.

The “On Air” talk-show which will also be livestreamed at OffshoreEnergyToday.com starts at 12.30 hrs and features the following guests:

  • Unni Ulland, Chief Information Officer, ENGIE E&P
  • Barthold Schroot, Program Lead Advice and Innovation, EBN
  • Thomas Friedman, Head of Project Development and Programs, Siemens AG
  • Rob van der Spek, Director of Knowledge Management, DNV GL Oil & Gas
  • Joost Lasschuit, Managing Director, Rolloos


Wednesday 11 October 2017

14:00 – 16:30


Capitalizing on decarbonization

Meeting the Paris climate targets requires billions in investments. But the need to decarbonize our economy can also lead to commercial opportunities. Almost two years after the Paris climate agreement we’re taking stock of international and national targets – on CO2 emission reductions, the share of renewable energy and energy efficiency – and especially where we are in meeting those targets. Organized in close cooperation with the “Transitie Coalitie” consisting of 65 companies based in the Netherlands, Community Square will share successful experiences in capitalizing on decarbonization.


This 2,5 hour program organized with other members of the Transitie Coalitie, will consist of welcoming pitches, interactive discussion on commercially successful decarbonization strategies and on “ON AIR” talk-show from 16.00 to 16.30 hrs which will be livestreamed on OffshoreEnergyToday.com. Check back for program and speaker updates.

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