OEEC: System integration across borders

North Sea countries share many of the same challenges and opportunities when it comes to the offshore industry. The offshore challenge of deploying vast amounts of wind energy, decommissioning offshore infrastructure for oil and gas, finding synergy between the societal, economic and ecological functions that have their spatial claim on the North Sea.

It is important to understand how collaboration on this point is taking place right now and is being shaped for the future.

Radio presenter Maarten Bouwhuis last month interviewed Ernst van Zuijlen, Project Director at Offshore Service Facilities, Ellen Van Der Veer Geo-Energy Consultant at TNO, and Simon Gray, Chief Executive at East of England Energy Group (EEEGR) where they discussed a range of topics related to the common challenges and opportunities shared by the North Sea industries and nations.

The talk-show, held on Community Square of Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference, was livestreamed on Offshore Energy Today.

You can watch the recording of the show below and learn what are the challenges and similarities shared among the North sea countries from offshore exploration and development to decommissioning and renewables, and if and at what level the North Sea countries are collaborating and sharing knowledge. You can also learn that both O&G and Offshore Wind are facing the skills shortage in the future as Millenials are not into the technical studies and energy industry but rather into gaming and coding; and about the challenges ahead caused by the upcoming Brexit in 2019, and much more…


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