Offshore Energy 2012: Extend Lifetime of Diesel Engines by Fuel and Lube Oil Treatment

Fuel oil and lube oils are used in the offshore market on ships, platforms, FPSO’s etc. to keep engines and generators running continuously. Companies spend a lot of money on their engines to be sure that they don’t have any stops or failures during their activities. Obvious when it comes to the quality of the oil, a lot of companies are reserved to invest in their equipment to save their valuable engines.

Unclean fuel, contaminated from whatever source will cause engines to combust uneconomically and eventually fail to run properly The problems of the contamination is generally found on engine wear, and damage on the injectors. To solve this problem, you can change the injectors, but this will only be a temporarily solution against high costs, and only a matter of time until the next injector will fail.

Proper lube oil is used to protect engines from wear, and keep the temperature controlled. While the engine is running, little metal parts and other impurities (as water) will contaminate the lube oil. Changing damaged parts will only be a temporarily solution. A continuously separation of fuel and lube oil is required.

To solve above mentioned problems continuously, we need to separate the oil in order to get the contamination of solids and water out.

GEA Westfalia Separator delivers reliable centrifuge systems to clean fuel and lube oils in order to protect your engines. Centrifuge systems within a wide range of capacities are built on a ‘plug and play’ skid, so ready to do their job. Optimum separation efficiency over long operating times is ensured.

Offshore Energy Today, October 23, 2012

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