OMM Conducts Cable Installation Workshop with Repower (Germany)

OMM Conducts Cable Installation Workshop with Repower (Germany)

Offshore Marine Management (OMM), a specialist contractor in the offshore renewables industry, recently conducted a cross discipline workshop in Cable Installation to over 30 delegates with Repower in Hamburg.

In order to promote knowledge transfer between disciplines, Repower’s offshore division invited OMM to design and deliver an in-house seminar on cable installation. Topics ranged from general cable installation to interface design and in depth case studies whilst also highlighting potential pitfalls and hazards to be considered to facilitate installation and render the overall process more efficient and cost effective. The group consisted of a mix of engineers and project managers, some having their first contact with cables and installation.

”It’s important that we start talking to each other,” stated OMM’s CEO Rob Grimmond. ”This industry is not going to grow if we keep best practices to ourselves,” he continued. This sentiment was echoed by Cornelius Drücker Vice President of Offshore Projects at REpower. ”With the knowledge we gained here we are able to understand the design needs of the cable guys and improve our design interfaces for future projects.”


Press Release, July 3, 2013