OMMC, Aquatera, OceanPixel set up company in Singapore

Orcades Marine Management Consultants (OMMC) and Aquatera have formed a new Singapore-based partnership with local company OceanPixel to provide marine operations planning, management and verification services. 

The primary focus of the new company – Orcades Marine Asia – will be to provide operational management of marine renewable energy installations, including tidal, wave, floating solar and offshore wind.

The firm will also engage in research and development projects aimed at developing innovative and cost-efficient deployment solutions for the Asian marine renewables sector, the partners said.

The collaborating team has already been involved in managing and implementing a number of studies and technology deployments in South East Asia.

Tidal turbines have been installed and operated in West Papua, Indonesia and Sentosa, Singapore, with development sites surveyed in the Philippines, Singapore and in Indonesia. The team has also been engaged in the supervision of two technology fabrication programmes based in Singapore.

Captain David Thomson, managing director of OMMC, said: “We’ve worked on projects in Asia now for a number of years and have an excellent relationship with OceanPixel and other key specialists in the region. Establishing a formal partnership in Singapore was the next logical step for us and it helps ensure we’re well placed to capitalise on the many opportunities arising from the emerging renewables sector in Asia.”

“Orkney is very much regarded as the centre of excellence in marine renewables, with local supply chain firms, such as ours, increasingly engaged in overseas projects. Orkney has an enviable reputation worldwide,” he added.

Mike Abundo, managing director of Ocean Pixel, said: “OceanPixel is keen to keep enabling the ecosystem for sustainable energy. Establishing Orcades Marine Asia ensures that pioneering efforts in marine renewable energy in South East Asia leverages the invaluable expertise and experience from the UK. Advancing the frontier of marine operations through OMA helps serve the development of ocean energy and other markets in the Asia Pacific more effectively.”

As well as providing support to global technology and project development clients wishing to work in SEA, Orcades Marine Asia will be working closely with the OceanTera project development companies being established in the Philippines, Singapore and elsewhere.

These companies, backed by Aquatera and OceanPixel, are partnering with investors and project co-developers to proactively lead in the establishment of demonstration and commercial projects across the SEA region.

Gareth Davies, managing director of Aquatera, explained: “As a team we were clear that we needed to use our extensive experience, expertise and local knowledge to start to bring forward good commercial development opportunities proactively.  The combination of activities and services that Orcades Marine Asia, OceanTera, Ocean Pixel and Aquatera can provide, alongside input from energy customers, project investors and technology providers, creates the right dynamic for making rapid progress and delivering ground breaking marine energy success.”